Hey friends,

Just a quick reminder that this account is archived. I am now @dualhammers@merveilles.town on a different instance

It would be good to keep in touch

And I'm starting to feel the grip on my brain some bad stuff in my past has had loosen, and it's nice.

A mixture of shame, anger, and fear beginning to disappear.

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Been dealing with myself recently; realizing things and trying to make big internal changes.

A lot is on the table

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@root on your own server? Seems like the end of a long journey

Learning to be well acquainted with mundane forms of suffering and struggle has been important for me. Avoidance has done me no good

I have been doing more programming recently and it reminds me of carpentry

Where is the solarpunk instance? I want to talk about sustainable living

Sending this message from a solar-powered raspberry pi, on a sailboat in Fiji. The dream is real!

The last few years have been a further eye-opening of the ways in which culture is manipulated to tell narratives about the paths and structures of empire and folks,

it happens a lot

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I just turned on Ken Burns Vietnam War and just say David Koch listed as a sponsor and I feel lost

Upset I just watched DS9 and an't rewatch it so soon

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