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What’s the best iOS client these days?

Idly looking at bikes I will not buy and do not need. Passes the time.

Best iOS client for Mastodon if you like to use multiple instances…?

I have *here* for a bird site replacement; where I *may* become familiar to a completely different cirkeln; and for telling a story which is escaping me even as I try to write it.

Worked from home today; distractions were purer: grey warblers in the cherry tree; sunshine; my bike waiting in the shed for a windless burl over the hill to the west.

I loved it.

Back trying Mastodon again…

It looks like is open for new members right now. Don't know how long for.

Sounds like we need to batten down the hatches ⛈🌧🌊🌧⛈

On the bird site I delete any tweet older than 28 days—just a fairly ineffective in practice but psychologically cleansing way to reduce my social media footprint. Not up to 28 days here yet; got a little time to decide.

Rain, of the literal kind.

Oh! It's dark here and the moon is bright! It appears that half of nightzone Mastodon is all awoo, the other half is quietly worshipping their mistress.

Two sides of the same regard. 🌕

(But if you were in a small and somewhat thematic or curated instance, you might want a privacy level that was not public in the usual sense, but on your instance's timeline only, with no federation. I am guessing this will have already been extensively argued over though.)

Hmmmm. So, any web user, without being logged in to any instance, can see your public and unlisted toots by loading a URL like so: Which is fine; it just pays to know this; unlisted still means public, just not in your instance’s or federated timelines. Be careful out there!

Feels a bit greedy to also now have accounts on other instances but, yeah, I do. Let's see what these other clubhouses feel like.

Mastodon meta Show more

Like in the early days of Twitter, finding random people to follow on the global/federated timeline.

@_kb I'm over on this instance. Still getting my head around this. Wonder if it would be cool to have a Wellington instance…