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My 11 yo was trying to "updog" his brother, who is 5. His technique leaves something to be desired. He just yells "updog! Updog! Updog!" at him. The brute force method is fine for a 5-yo, but I had to teach him a little finesse.

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instagram filter that removes your face and just shows sand dunes and rubble

In an e-mail interview, when asked about her choice of 'Sophie' as a stage name, she responded "It tastes good and it's like moisturizer."[12]

(I LOVE her.)

a wave rector, represented by the symbol r̃, is a type of official or cleric whose magnitude is the wavenumber and whose direction is that of the wave's propagation

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remember to drink enough water unless you are a cactus, succulent or other drought-tolerant plant acclimated to arid conditions

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"Are you sure you're in the right place, ma'am?" asked the Daft Punk wannabe at the door to Club Cyborg.

"Of course I am. I've got my vision augments--" I pushed my glasses up the bridge of my nose-- "and my external memory pack." I showed them my phone. The blank visor seemed unimpressed.

"It's also a telepathy mediator." I texted my friend: <Bouncer's giving me a hard time>.

She appeared in the doorway, gracefully waving a titanium hand. "Be nice, she's with me."

#microfiction #sff

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fopped up, drippin with swag at the radical shabbos function

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it's like they say:
you can't spell 'unclean' without 'uncle'

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it's easy if you gather enough horses you can warp space and time. but the download is stuck

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turning my 1st husband into a smooth horse call that exfoliation

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SOPHIE, slapping a baking tray around: nice

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Upside of watching conlang videos: You can tell when an author was cheap and just make knockoff-English
Downside: You get disappointed when that happens in an otherwise interesting world

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