Reuters: Google, Apple remove Navalny app from stores as Russian elections begin

Put that in the Apple will reject any government demands file ...

A view from the road to the summit of Day Mountain. Shots like these never quite capture what it's like to be standing there. 📷 🚲

Today I biked 28 miles from Bar Harbor to the summit of Day Mountain via the Acadia National Park Carriage Roads. 📷🚲

A close up view of the the land bridge between Bar Harbor and Bar Island. It's hard to avoid stepping on the tiny shells. 📷

Seagulls perched on the land bridge between Bar Harbor and Bar Island at low tide on a foggy day. 📷

I'm biking around Acadia this week. Here's a nice shot of Bubble Pond. 🚲📷

Bangor Daily News: [Maine Senate President] Troy Jackson tests positive for COVID-19

Sounds like he has no symptoms, so that's good. I hope he gets well soon. 🙏

Eric Schwartzman: Like app developers, online resellers and social media influencers are all falling for the same big lie: that they can build a sustainable business with healthy margins on someone else’s platform.

EFF: Protestors Nationwide Rally to Tell Apple: "Don't Break Your Promise!"

The plane flying the banner is a nice touch.

Fight for the Future: PHOTOS & VIDEO: Protests hit Apple stores across the US the night before iPhone 13 launch

I can't tell if "delaying"surveillance means it's never going to ship or just ship later, but I support keeping the pressure on until Apple relents.

Matt Taibbi: Bush by any rational measure was a hundred times the monster Trump was, his administration having created a machine for unrestrained violence and institutional bigotry that made us the shame of the world

The rehabilitation of Bush + his administration is disgusting.

I've reached a settlement with the moth in the bathroom. I recognize its right to exist and to not point the hair dryer at it and in return it will carry on being a moth.

I just had to write a very small PHP function. I haven't touched the language in years and it's really shocking just how weird the conventions are for function naming, string concatenation, etc. It's just a mess.

Bad Faith: Episode 105 - It's Not Easy Being Green (w/ Dr. Jill Stein)

The first 20 min or so is Dr. Stein's standard stump speech, but it gets into a really good discussion afterwards.

Busy packing for my first real trip since COVID. The only advice I have is buy an extra version of everything you need to travel with (AC adaptors, wires, glasses, etc.) and keep them separate. Then when you need to go, most of the hard work is already done.

EFF: Don’t Stop Now: Join EFF, Fight for the Future at Apple Protests Nationwide

EFF: To make sure that Apple gets the message that encryption is simply too important to give up on, EFF will also be sending it straight to Apple's headquarters—by flying an aerial banner over the campus during their September 14 iPhone launch event.

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