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No Uthernet card yet, @paradroyd. 😡

Now that I've seen yours, I really want it! 😂

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The Uthernet II Ethernet card showed up today for my Apple IIe. I just got it installed in slot 3.

The cable routing is a bit weird with the forward-facing ethernet jack, but I'm glad it has a tiny footprint, or it wouldn't fit next to the Super Serial card like this.

Had some discussions recently about Paradroid for the c64. I have so many GREAT memories of this game, playing it in my bedroom for hours as a kid. Probably spent more hours on this than anything else.

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Todays project, made a cable.. micro USB on one end, DB9F on the other to power my WiModem232 from the barcode reader port on my TRS-80 model 100 so that I don't always have to have an external battery hooked up to the modem.
The barcode reader port (made for an old-style light pen barcode reader) puts out a really nice 5V on pin 9 of the DB9 port.
This Wimodem232 usually draws about .05 amps,( 50mA). The port easily handles it as long as I have good batteries in the model 100.

@paradroyd I was just reading a bit about the postal strike in Canada. I wonder if this will effect the arrival of the Uthernet cards?

@paradroyd You aren't heading to Tandy Assembly this year, right?

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At the antique mall last week. Ultraman was not cheap.

Bonus points for having the Science Patrol on the box.

@ericgus Glad to see you here on Mastodon. I finally made it.

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@duhproject Ok..take a look at this blog post. This is where I originally got the info I used to give my usb-serial devices meaningful names/aliases:


This makes life so much easier if you have a bunch of tcpser instances on one machine tied to a bunch of usb serial devices and you want to be able to easily keep track of them.

New Raspberry Pi up and running with TCPSER. Now to get Mastodon working on it.

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My new C128Dcr is just amazing. So many future projects await! To think C= intentionally put an empty ROM bay in there for folks to enhance the machine... just wow! Now to get the internal drive off 8... amigalove.com/viewtopic.php?f=

Guacamelee! is a fun game for sure. But it get really tough. Or maybe I'm just getting old and c as not remember all the moves and buttons. Ugh.

Here in the US, we didn't have a magazine like Zzap64. Yes, we had Commodore mags, but none focused on games and as cool as Zzap64. I'd love to grab some copies someday. Here's my t-shirt I received for backing the annual.

I finally think I have this Mastodon thing figured out for the most part -- hello!


I finally made it here! Now I need to get my bearings and figure this out. I suppose filling out my bio and profile should be first order, eh?


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