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Of all my tweets to go triple digits, only two have my actual drawings in them. And I only drew thumbnails in the last one to illustrate the joke? I haven't thought about this until it was directly pointed out to me recently, but uh… art doesn't really go viral in Russian social media, huh. Unless it's memes, porn or bad faith cynical humor. Obviously.

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I'm so f*cking tired of hearing "uncontrolled chain reaction, like what happenned in Chernobyl".

That's not what happenned in Chernobyl. The explosion was not nuclear.

This misrepresentaion of the facts keeps poking the "nuclear is bad" idea which is just so aggravating.

Also, there's no link or button to get back to the timeline from settings and other menus.

How is this software still so unusable

Also, half of the settings are in English, half in Russian and no language selection anywhere in sight.

Unable to delete a toot in mastalab with an error "method does not support a request body: DELETE".

Is it supposed to be broken?

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reminder to my cool followers and masto in general i guess that i have a sick that you can read at inhibitcomic.com ⚡️ ❄️ 🔥
or if you prefer to read on mobile, you can read it at webtoons.com/en/challenge/inhi

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"Deanonymizing Tor Hidden Service Users Through Bitcoin Transactions Analysis"

I never understood why the popular perception was that bitcoin transactions were anonymous when every transaction is globally visible to everyone forever.


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There's nothing quite like fifteen years of IM logs to remind you that continuity of self is an illusion.

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Do you make music? Commission your next album cover with me! Do you know a musician whose music would go well with my art? Let them know!

I.e. this year I didn't had to go in to work from saturday Dec 30th to monday Jan 8th (because if a holiday is on sunday, the next monday is automatically a day off)

That is 10 days of resting. Technically, you have to take an official vocation for the middle part. Well, you can *not* take it, but that just means loosing money – the office would be closed, you cannot go in either way.

Here, the x-mas is on Jan 7th. But the New Year is celebrated much bigger anyway – and that's when the presents are exchanged. Some more traditional people (maybe more in western ukraine and/or rural places) gift children presents on St. Nicholas that is Dec 19th, but that's not very spread in cities.

So most celebrations are Dec 31/Jan 1, then Jan 2 is usually a bank holiday too and so is Jan 7th, so in most places all of that time combined is made into a giant holiday/vacation.

It's so ridiculous sometimes to read tweets of US people I follow that try to be international and stuff and write "happy holidays" instead of "merry x-s" (aknowledging the diversity of celebrations), but then they write "welp, hope everyone had good holidays" on, like, Dec 26th.

Common, the holidays haven't even started at that point yet! Aknowledging diversity, my s.

maybe, I should use /this thing/ to write bloggy/ranty messages instead of nothing at all.

maybe, I should use it ...at all.

Anyway, the holidays are over today. That means the vacation is over. But I still don't feel like coming back to everything I was doing. Still very burnt out.

Вы бы поверили, если бы вам сказали, что слово "дебаг" происходит от сокращения "где баг?"

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