Great news: our #adblocker was added to the @humanetech list!🎉🎉

That's really motivating and encouraging, as well as our growing #community!

@tblock @humanetech Appart from convenience what's the motivation behind blocking ads? Anything doing any kind of tracking should of course be blocked. But just plain ads? What revenue model is the alternative (under capitalism)?

@duncan_lithgow @tblock @humanetech Apart from these theoretical questions I am very happy not to be bothered by ads. I would rather pay a kind of "entrance" fee to a service contribute to existing costs.

@tinderness @duncan_lithgow @tblock @humanetech

My opinion : Ads are basically a violation of our free will, it is not possible to fight against ads like it is not possible to really erase some memory from your brain. To be able to control your consumption, you have first to skip ads.
Tracking is a related issue since used to target adds mainly.

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I bet some of you will have that one TV commercial from your childhood etched into your memory, lol 😂

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If I ask people to name 10 brand names they'll be able to do it in a minute, but if I ask them to name some volunteering or humanitarian projects, then I won't find many answers. So we make sure people know about a hundred different useless brands, but not the projects that actually cares about people. Believe it or not, but one important reason for many projects not having enough volunteers is because people don't even know they exist.

@futureisfoss well, my main job is a humanitarian project, so that's one at least - but I know what you mean. @artlog @tinderness @duncan_lithgow @tblock @humanetech

@futureisfoss we support individuals with intellectual disabilities here. and in the past I've worked in low-income public schools and a workshop for the elderly 😺 @artlog @tinderness @duncan_lithgow @tblock @humanetech

@catswhocode @artlog @tinderness @duncan_lithgow @tblock @humanetech
Happy to hear that, people like you make the world a better place. And I know there are many good people in the world who're willing to volunteer if they get the opportunity, that's why its important to make it accessible. Like I said, currently people know more brand names than they know about such projects, in a sane world this should be the other way around.

@futureisfoss @catswhocode In a sane world charities would also form alliances and help promote each other. There would also be less of them so they could do more. Sadly many of them seem to be ego projects as much about virtue signalling ... sorry I'm so negative about this but I think so many good people spend time helping small and inefficient charities.

@duncan_lithgow @catswhocode
I'm kinda inspired by, there are so many good projects out there, online & offline. But I get your point, in a sane world these projects would be more organized. I believe FOSS could play a big role here, since we now use the internet for global collaboration.

@futureisfoss @catswhocode that's the thing. If more people were willing to do the hard work of coordinating and organizing the whole field would be more effective. But many people just want to do their own 'makes me feel good' projects. Nothing inherently wrong with that - it's just emotionally driven rather than driven by results. Check out

@duncan_lithgow @catswhocode
I'll have a look at the website you linked, anyway its good to know there are people trying to tackle this problem :)

@futureisfoss @catswhocode so what I myself am doing is working in @osarch to bring together and coordinate projects in & . Sometimes boring, but the impact is starting to get there after the first two years.

@duncan_lithgow @catswhocode @osarch
That's good, I didn't know about @osarch, followed it now :)

It all ties back to my initial point about advertisement, I wish more people knew about projects like yours instead of these useless brand names and such. How can it be OK for us to show ads about commercial companies when there are lots of good projects out there that need our attention for good.


@futureisfoss @catswhocode @osarch @tblock my take on ads is to ban them generally so that the only way to get advice on purchases is in consumer magazines. Wouldn't that be a different world to live in! Idea needs a lot of work, curious if anyone has thought this completely through.

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@duncan_lithgow @catswhocode @osarch @tblock The way I look at it is that consumerism itself is a problem and ads are just an extension of it, lol 😄

And I don't know if you need consumer magazines to get advice on purchases, if a product is good enough then people who use it will recommend others. And I believe there are some communities for this kinda stuff, like /r/buyitforlife on reddit.

@futureisfoss @catswhocode @osarch @tblock I don't agree, new products and solutions need access to an audience. Going through consumer mags instead of huge marketing budgets seems to me like a good compromise. Good products do still break - just replacing them or asking a friend isn't always the smartest solution.

@duncan_lithgow @catswhocode @osarch @tblock
If you trust your consumer mags to do a good job of finding you good products then you can use them. I would personally trust a community like /r/buyitforlife or something similar compared to a commercial magazine.

@futureisfoss @catswhocode @osarch @tblock who said commercial? I said consumer mag. buyitforlife is a fine example - if they can keep troll free.

@futureisfoss @catswhocode @osarch @tblock suddenly i see a world full of consumer groups co-opted by industry saying nasty things about each other ... so many problems with this idea.

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