Started some new social media accounts for these things. My dad came up with the name Star Turns. Going to try making one a week.

Occasional reminder that I collect images of fictional castles on cliffs at
Twisty path leading up to castle always appreciated but not strictly required.


Posted this on twitter today and people are much more into it than the games stuff. It does work well.

Working on UI for a secret next-gen game streaming platform

On the bright side, I'm excited about whatever is going to come out of those gif experiments. A game? A music video? A video essay? An installation? More gifs? I don't know!

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Just sent out a longer than usual kickstarter update and newsletter (sign up at

Short version: barring some internet miracle, this project is indefinitely backburnered :(

Box art game idea. Haven’t found one for up yet but maybe directions without art could be doors to other rooms

Updated so the video is embedded. It should autoplay in sync with your system time if loaded between 12:56-3:10pm

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