It's been really nice these past few days that in the midst of all the Fromsoft silliness, a few folks have cited me standing on a chair in a tiny room in 2009 as what brought them round to the necessities of accessibility in games.

I don't have the energy for more fights these days but I'm still glad I managed to focus that on something useful when I did.

The first hour of my 24 hour video game clock what-the-fuck-was-i-thinking supercut project is showing at gdc on tuesday. If you're not at gdc or you are and it clashes with a more useful talk you can see it streaming as soon as I've dealt with the kickstarter rewards in like a month or two

12 days to go. Almost half way to my goal. It sure would be apt and exciting if it made in the 11th hour but I'm not sure I can handle it.

Just had to 🤢 verify myself on google so i could edit my 🤢 "knowledge panel" which had an 🤢 advertising award nomination for some garbage I barely worked on and didn't get paid for. The category was best use of 🤢 gamification 🤮

The kickstarter is going well so far but most backers are generous friends. Sending emails to games websites 🤞

Extremely relieved that the first two backers aren't related to me

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