I played in a semi-improv band and my friend shot us. I think we had our moments.

Granted, a lot of recording principles apply just as much to EDM tracks as they do to my kind of music, but there are so many factors that influence a mix, I would prefer to find some ideas that would help me figure out how to "focus" my sound sculpting techniques. If anyone wants, I would be more than happy to post pics of my current music battlestation

Hey folks. What would y'all think are some good resources for learning to mix/master home recorded alt/droney music? I have a ton of new tracks that I want to release, but I am just hitting a wall in terms of how I can actually make the tracks not sound like shit. I have tried to go over tutorials and research, but a lot of that material is geared to genres of music like EDM, pop, and folk.

what do you get when you cross a one liner with a rhetorical question?


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