Stablecoin is collapsing? How am I supposed to pay my horses now???

I got a sewing machine, so I’m getting rid of my computer.

if you were wondering what happens when (doesn't allow the letter E) meets (only allows the letter E):

Real convergence means bringing your desktop computer with you wherever you go. We have invested in convergence with PureOS to make it a reality. We start with the desktop OS and shrink it down to your pocket. Here is convergence in action! Learn more about PureOS here:

Here's a book that changed my life, it's about growing food at sea, and living on the water, instead of constantly having to to resupply in cities. I recommend it even if you're not planning to sail, if you're interested in food preservation, dehydrating, water collection, the names of algae, etc..

It's on libgen.


It seems totally absurd that most of the western world shit in potable fresh water toilet.

We haven't officially announced this yet, but @rek and I have just founded the Resilience Research Society(NPO). We'll use this as a way to organize our research and findings around the topics of #permacomputing, #seasteading, and other related topics.


#TIL The #Brainfuck programming language has a dialect called "I use Arch, btw". In this dialect, the original symbols are replaced with "I", "use", "arch", "linux", "btw", "by", "the", "way". #Arch #ArchLinux

This is a "Hello World!" example:

arch the i the use linux the way i arch the i arch arch arch i the arch arch arch arch arch arch arch arch arch arch arch i way the i way linux the use way i linux way way arch arch arch arch arch arch arch arch arch arch use way i i i i i i linux linux linux linux btw use use arch arch arch btw use linux btw btw arch arch arch btw use linux btw i i i btw use use btw arch arch arch btw linux linux linux linux linux linux btw i linux btw use use arch btw use btw

I setup a little image swapping feature (no js) so that low res images can load by default, but if you really want to see higher res, and have the bandwidth, you can click the little dot on the top left.
So far I'm just testing on the homepage, but I intend to use it throughout.

The no-js method was borrowed from how our webring hide/shows rss links.

Oh, so you're a garbage collector? Enumerate every object.

if microsoft word tells me not to use the passive voice one more time, it will be harmed by me

The dollar is suddenly worth 0, all the stores are boarded up.

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Google has suspended Element (@matrix) from the Play Store for "Sexual Content and Profanity". Basically same story as with Subway Tooter a while back. Element is to Matrix as Chrome is to the web. Curiously, Chrome is still on the Play Store.

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