— 2011: I would like to do all my work with a gaming PC.
— 2015: I would like to do all my work with a Mac.
— 2020: I would like to do all my work with a solar-powered Raspberry Pi.

when u dead inside but ur garden gives u reason to stay tethered to the mortal realm and tbh its POPPIN

utopian future in the 1980s: flying cars
utopian future in the 2020s: no cars

Hate driven development

I hate computers so deeply that it drives me to write software in an attempt to fix this godawful fucking mess that we're in

We're currently stocking up for a long passage, here are some of the foods we carry aboard.

- [x] Move in near the sea
- [x] Buy a second-hand skateboard
- [x] Wake up early and skate to the beach

We have had 300'000 downloads of our 60mb electron apps. That's 18'000'000mb .. I'm so fucking sorry it took us this long to get our shit together. 🤦‍♀️

Hey Bonzi Buddy, please tell me the status of my pets.com stock, check if I have any incoming ICQ requests, and see how the 3DFX driver beta I'm downloading from the quakeworld FTP is coming along. Thanks Bonzi Buddy

## Morning Mastodonians!

I'm sad. Just canceled our trip to Spain this weekend. If I'm going to get stuck, I'd rather it be at home. Now if we can just get R home, I'll be happy. It was going to be such a fun trip. Air Portugal was extremely unhelpful, so I think I'll be avoiding them in the future.

Still trying to hire! Things are going crazy for our remote health app! More than just a job, this really has a positive impact on society:


The year is 2025

There are five browser cores:
- webkit
- chromium
- gecko
- servo
- youtube-dl, which ended up implementing a full-fledged browser in python to keep successfully downloading videos

this laptop (MNT Reform) and this phone (Purism Librem 5) have the same SoC (CPU/GPU/...), i.MX8M. and both run free and open source drivers and software.

So I'm interviewing for some dev help here in the Boston area and while I'm talking to plenty of qualified guys, they are all just that - white, middle aged guys, just like me & the rest of my team.

I am desperately seeking a woman and/or person of color to interview! Any ideas where I should look? Any groups here in the area I can talk to? Check out the jobs here:


Does anybody else here secretly love air travel and hotels? The wait at the gate, the flight crew’s routine, the baggage claim, the lobby, the weird hallways, the prepared room? The Brian Eno soundtrack? The ice bucket you won’t use? The RFID door lock?

The notion that you’re a guest someplace distinctly different from home— and the notion that you slit the atmosphere to get there?

The version of your life that fits in a fifty pound checked bag?

The sense that you’re lightweight and portable?

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