I keep hearing that this image depicting centralized vs. decentralized vs. distributed systems is misleading and bad. Based on my understanding, it's pretty good. Can someone fill me in?

I've just looked around and found this old tweet. I'm understanding the situation a bit better now..

@dustinswan seems pretty good to me. Decentraliszed might not have the peers like in (c) though

@dustinswan can you post a link to some of the criticism you mention?

@reldnahcire not sure if when I replied to my original post it notified you, but this is what I found

@dustinswan it didn't, but thanks for pinging me. I'd feel pretty comfortable arguing that the changes in that diagram are mostly political, not technical. Does that match your new understanding?

@dustinswan Looks about right to me. The fediverse is a class B (from the diagram) system.

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