@jdarnold I am *not* ready to come back. A week wasn't even close to long enough.. hah

@jdarnold We just finished Queen's Gambit last night! Very pretty show. I'm suddenly doing more chess puzzles after watching it.. Might start "Everything's Fine" next

@jdarnold works with our Visionable web client too :D you can do remote video fullscreen and local video PIP, in Chrome too

It's kind of funny in retrospect that the programming language whose mantra was "There Should Be Only One Way To Do It" featured two separately maintained, incompatible, versions of itself for 11 years.

@thomasorus I've never had a desire to bake bread but now that I've seen Black Moon Bread.. that looks amazing

% #postscript
/plant-rules <<
/X [/F /LT /PU /PU /X /PO /RT /X /PO /RT /F /PU /RT /F /X /PO /LT /X]
/F [/F /F]
/PU [/PU] /PO [/PO] /LT [/LT] /RT [/RT] >> def
/plant-render <<
/X {}
/F { 4 tg-fd }
/LT { 25 tg-left }
/RT { 25 tg-right }
/PU { tg-push }
/PO { tg-pop }
>> def

plant-rules begin
[/X] 6 lsystem

1 inch 1.5 inch moveto
65 tg-left
plant-render begin
{ load exec } forall

A picture of our tattered charts which got submerged in our capsize 1000nm off the Japanese coast.

We charted our position on these daily despite them being nearly ruined.

@jdarnold on a positive note, I'm excited to see so many people suddenly taking the idea of "ending the police" (at least policing as we know it) seriously

— 2011: I would like to do all my work with a gaming PC.
— 2015: I would like to do all my work with a Mac.
— 2020: I would like to do all my work with a solar-powered Raspberry Pi.

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