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if everyone’s here from tumblr i was the one who made this little dude if you want to meet the unfortunate person who makes aesthetic cat posts

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how many hours can I be on here before my organs start shutting down

everyone’s spit’s got a little bit of digestive enzymes in it and that’s okay.

talks to my boyfriend who I’ve been best friends with for 5 years about masturbation and gets called out bc he’s a minor and im 18!

guys im coming out as an omega i hope youll still be friends with me even tho I was abab (assigned bottom at birth)

outlast hornyposting idk where to put this 

Eddie Gluskin was made for people with a breeding kink and i am flourishing

im scared to use berries bc i feel like ill get cancelled for being horny now that I’m 18

what instance are all the cool kinnies using nowadays

i should start using mastodon again bc im lacking in dopamine and i want people to see all my pointless bullshit

at least Bethesda games like. WORK when they aren’t working. like if fallout is breaking it at least you’re in game, watching a character’s limbs clip through everything possible. But when im trying to run dragon age the game won’t even get to the title screen

i keep breaking dragon age and i literally could not be trying any less to do so. i tab out of the game to hang up a call and it immediately crashes

guys help im getting a temporary ban from a furry Minecraft server

fallout 4 run but i use a magic 8 ball to decide how to respond to questions in game

so if computers are all ones and zeroes and magic 8 balls only answer in yeses and nos then technically you could make a computer that runs on magic 8 balls.

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