Long weekend plans have unraveled. Social isolation weekend it just might be. Man I miss my hang out bar.

🌻 May 15-31 Special 💯 FREE HOUR "Netflix & Chill" "Take In Dinner & Dine" w/90min+ GFE
Extended screening, of course

❣️ I am not accepting gifts. I understand that EVERYONE is struggling right now.
❣️ I am accepting appointments. I would love to come see you & cure the loneliness.
❣️ privatedelights.ch/USA/Califor
❣️ tryst.link/escort/austin-love
❣️ privatedelights.ch/profile/aus
❣️ austintravels.hotprovider.com/
Feel free to book online !
https:// tinyurl.com/BucketLister #swlisting

United said it flew less than 200,000 people in the first two weeks of April, a 97% drop from the more than 6 million people it flew during the same time in 2019. It expects to fly fewer people during the entire month of May than it did on a single day in May of last year.

I’m done with frozen pizza...at least for a week. Not done with beer though, so tasty. My Alexa device is starting to sound really hot.

Enjoying the social distancing. Nice day to enjoy, dispute the virus.

Totally lost track of time, its 1220 and I am still in my PJs. Time to get dressed for social distancing. Pitter Patter (Letterkenny style)

Things I will never take for granted anymore ✨

❤️Quality time with friends and family
❤️Going to my favorite restaurants
❤️Having coffee at my favorite coffee shops
❤️Traveling whenever and wherever I want
❤️Working out at the gym
❤️Beauty/ self care services

My commute time is way better, at least there’s that.

Testing the Session messaging app, had to find a backup phone to mess with it since no one else I know is on it. Looks interesting, potentially nice privacy features.

Hanging out in Tampa until 7pm. Have to check out of hotel at noon.

Didn’t have reliable internet the past 9 days. Good to be back home. Looks like everything is normal in Mastodon land. 😁

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