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You know, it was nice to watch one man's journy with the GameBoy whom is completely fresh to the device and people that it shaped. It's quite the angle.

I kind of hope that the Walkman is next because... not only for the impact, but the watch the change that is Sony.

It is more than a little surprising that the gaming public is more than a little surprised that racism and the like still exists in gaming spaces.

Gaming has a long tail with radical thinking which can feed into white supremacy doctrine, long before gamergate shown a light on it.

It is one of the major reasons that I think that voice chat with gaming was never a good idea.

"On the internet, nobody can hear you being subtle." - Linus Torvalds

The thing is, his whole rant on social media is not entirely wrong.

So aside of the issue with ownership of content, I have to wonder why Apple Inc. jumped into a saturated market like streaming. Particularly when you consider the 800 lbs. Gorilla that is Disney, with Netflix being dangerous close to that size.

It seems as if they are grasping at straws now that the smartphone market has surpassed them for a while.

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You know, I find it surprising that most have only just realized that personal data is the currency of the internet. It's been that way for a while.

Garo is awesome.

Jinga is an asshole. An entertaining asshole, but an asshole. Him getting a series of his own? Great.

character design, trying to tighten up my forms a bit

joined a Care Bears contest on if you could pwease vote for me :3
#art #mastoart #carebears

The nature of fandom is such that, when left to their own devices, feverish devotion in members can lead to loud, radical actors.

It is something that I have grown to hate in fandom and in myself.
Still with out the passion, a fandom dies, so what to do about it...
This has some suggestions.


I am not perfect, nor demand that from other fan. I do what I can to gauge my passions and expectations, because every person in a fandom (like it or not) is the face of it and all it takes is one comment to have things begin to go south.

Also, fandoms still have not quite got use to the fact that we are closer to the creators than ever before. Social Media is partly to blame for that, but the nature of fandom itself is also to blame.

Maybe it is me, but nerd culture has been in disarray for the last few years. One of the reasons that I post here on mastodon is that the vitriol on twitter can get so eminence that it is hard to tune it out (and when it involves real-world reactions, I can't).

I am a quiet dude most days and enjoy discussion on my passions. When fandoms I'm involved with get toxic, I feel ashamed and responsible for things getting out of hand.

Honestly, this has been a dog of a year. I am glad that it is over soon. I am looking forward to improving the project that is me next year.
Hope that your year is a good one... Happy new year, mastodon.

"A decentralized network is also more resilient to censorship–and I do mean the real kind, not the 'they won’t let me post swastikas' kind." - @Gargron

This is where we are now, this is the sad world we live in that this isn't self evident.
He is right, but the fact that this needs to be explained is sobering.

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