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This bares repeating. Boost if you must. 

I know, mastodon is pretty awesome as a community.
That said, there ARE things that can be learned from the bird-site... and things that we should avoid that bird-site simply enables.

You know, loneliness is something society (as a whole) needs to talk about more.

On June 6, we will talk curl a whole day at curl up 2022 San Francisco. Come join us!


The voice for Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike's announcer calls, main theme, character select and game over songs is Canadian rapper Infinite.

All three songs were written on the same day, and then recorded on the next alongside the announcer calls.


Some late-night #pixelart perspective practice. It can be frustrating sometimes when I can't seem to get things to look right, but I know that if I keep at it I can only get better!

I can't be the only #digimon fan on here, right?

BTW! The game I have been working on dropped a new demo! if you guys have the chance to try it out! I did art and some level designed for it, extremely proud of the result!
#Game #Gamedev #Art #PixelArt #Trailer #Demo #Games #PlanetCubeEdge

#introduction Hi Mastodon people! I am a Pixel Artist, Illustrator and Chiptune Musician. pleased to meet you! :D #pixelart

Last year I started to really get into more complex backgrounds. Especially urban areas, perspective and less "natural" sceneries were what I wanted to challenge myself at. So I drew my #OCs (as I always do) in their natural surroundings - a modern urban city filled with #graphicdesign puns and references!

I think I actually got some kind of coherent story out of it - completely unplanned!

[ #MastoArt #Procreate #art #OriginalCharacter #LGBT #LGBTQ ]

And the trolls are rolling in.

If the width and breadth of your hottest of takes on the Russian invasion in Ukraine is that it was "provoked" by Ukraine wanting to join NATO, then... *plonk*

There's an imperial (ha!) shit-ton of things NATO needs to be rightfully criticized and blamed for.

Putin's invasion in Ukraine is not one of them.

I have to wonder if their are enough users to have a Black Mastodon...


I have to say that it seems as if tooot is a winner when it comes to Mastodon apps on Android.

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