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I am remind how backwards windows SP(or Anniversary Updates for Win10)/kernel updates are. So much rebooting.

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If it is an issue with governance, then we have two problems that manifested itself with the big media push last year.
One, mastodon is small and with a short history.... governance really helps with larger projects and doesn't do much for a project of this size.
Two, which is something that instance owners deal with every day, governance takes time and money. And really benefit from large actors (ie: a corporation that relies on the code itself), something that Mastodon forgoes at the moment.

So I will be honest, the dynamics of the community here is something that I am not completely in tune with.
I am not sure how to feel about because of how the fed-verse is structured. The fork can only do so much if the issue is tools to moderate.
If it is about the community dynamic turning more and more hostile, those are more social issues that don't really have much to do with the code itself. It's has more to do with how the project is governed...

So wait, when did the local and federated timelines gain the media tabs?

I like them, they are cool and all, reminds me of pawoo.net's set up.

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You know, I never realized that kpop.social was a thing. Glad that it is.

Hey @mairin

Odd question. I have been freeloading Linux for years but something that I have been looking at is a wider social question when it come to the tech sector, diversity or lack thereof it.

Maybe this is me, but I feel that programs like Outreachy have a limited scope in tackling the issue. For Open-source, is there anything beyond that? Something that tackles the young?

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Friendly reminder to people making bots:

Unless they only post once a day it may be worth having them post unlisted.

If it's a good bot that people want to follow they will find it organically and through boosts.

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