if only the rapture were real - weed out the nasty

Brave New Word Magazine


pulled the fall con
a lecture series
land s)wallow
steamer trunk hinge
busted another
nickle | knuckle
hadapatched tube
off foreknew Cajun
lis(p)ted Koran
while others walked
on bicycle spathe
a Rum Tummy
corrugated erect
the Chancellor's chandler
wore a grin

(dVa 2018)

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some hammer and sickle vibes going on here at the airport

Thanks to Bart P. for this great review!
In the best tradition of James M. Cain & Dashiell Hammet, Dan Andreana presents a series of DIY noir fiction pamphlets where the elite receive their doomsday due. His cocktail includes a pinch of gunpowder and a shot of piquant pulp-fictional revenge porn. Imagine socialists advocating for the just redistribution of income turning to Haze, a proven effective & tough hitman, to fast track the implementation of economic adjustments for the common good.

New book Feeling Allowed by Id M Theft Able. PM me for info or look for it on evil amazon.


an led indicator
climbing hand way
over fork it
came to ‘round mid
night in corn belt
a notched barrel
one for ever(y
plus two s)equal
I ain’t for(t
unleavened bread
so might just leave

mud pie

staking a clam
spew totem
musk like odor
an old pay phone
coins in the corner
pocket full of
funny papers
got the goop
spread over epic
dermal dream sill
each and every
gray tao are
wilt all wasabe


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