@elmussol There's a small but perfectly formed rump of identi.ca folk here including @mnw @kevie @jwildeboer

We have also welcomed @fitheach into our heaving bosom to keep us honest. He combines fantastic photography from Scotland with thought provoking insights into UK politics

Why, we even talk to a Brit who moved to the fabulous Oslo and works for Microsoft!

Also, the Aussies are still out there, not making podcasts, watching Dr Who, drinking wine and dodging bushfires @tregeagle@microblog.mjd.id.au and @mjd@microblog.mjd.id.au


'Why, we even talk to a Brit who moved to the fabulous Oslo and works for Microsoft !'

As trawling through the entire Federation might take a while, this individual is actually....


Works for Microsoft, lives in Oslo, runs (well rents) his own Mastodon host. Go figure.


@andyc are you actually having a conversation with @elmussol or just exhorting him to participate? All I can see of him is:

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@dvdmrsdn @elmussol Umm - well neither really. I see 63 Toots whereas you only see 60 which is weird. He was bemoaning the qualify of his ActivityPub stream so I was merely trying to improve his S/N ratio.


He's probably out picking, watering, cuddling or planting his olives. And with a metal bucket on your head, that can take a little longer.

@dvdmrsdn @elmussol

Or maybe it's just a rather posh, understated, post-coital exclamation.

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