Whilst I can make lovely white bread with my eyes shut whenever I try to make a wholemeal loaf it is a disaster. What am I doing wrong?

@Luke of your a fan of rye, then I've found rye bread to be more successful in home baking. Let me know and I'll send you my favourite recipe

@kevie @Luke I got some white rye flour to try making a sourdough starter, but ended up using a little (maybe 50g out of 400g) in my usual pizza dough mix, and it really made a very tasteful difference.

@dvdmrsdn @kevie I often put in white rye in my white bread, usually 100g out of 500g.


@Luke @kevie Makes a difference to the taste?

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@dvdmrsdn @kevie None that I notice. Texture is a little more "rustic".

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