While preparing slides for and just for kicks while pondering something I’ll talk about, I typed `pkg search hare’ on a machine.

I was rewarded with `hare’ and `hared’, from jpmens.net/2018/03/25/alerting

I had forgotten that @dvl had done the packaging, and kudos to @juzam for the work on hared.go ! <3


@jpmens @juzam You're being too kind and protecting the guilty (myself).

It started with the following (me being @mwlucas

Me: “pam_exec is scary, avoid it. Especially with shell scripts.”

Dan: “How about I use pam_exec to call a shell script, but add a call to curl(1)?”

Excuse me. I’ll be in the corner, sobbing piteously for the future of humanity.

see dan.langille.org/2018/04/15/us for the origin story.

@dvl @juzam @mwlucas I fully remember the origin story, and just wait until I get to talking at BSDCan about this and how that Lucas person suggested you use pam_exec. Oh, wait. ;)

@jpmens @dvl @juzam

I make it a point to not sob piteously during BSDCan. It would ruin my image.

@dvl @jpmens @juzam @mwlucas I know this story, this is really my fault for showing Dan a trick to get a push notification when a login to one of your servers happens... and the optimization rabbithole led is down pam_exec and then mqtt... 🥳
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