For years I have run poudriere on the host, not in a jail.

That recently changed as I migrated an existing poudriere build server into a jail.

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@dvl very nice writeup, thanks for sharing ! I should do that too, one day, though Im not using iocage.

@dvl I have not used poudriere before, so this may simply be my ignorance. Why did you choose to create a separate poudriere dataset on the host and attach from the jail instead of just using the jail dataset to store it? With other jails, I have just kept everything in the jail dataset because it is easier for me to manage.


I have not previously thought about this.

This poudriere instance was originally created on the host. Keeping it on the host followed existing examples I was following.

If you put poudriere in a separate dataset, you can change jails easily. e.g. it's in pkg01 now, but while writing this, I created pkg02, 3, and 4 for testing purposes. Each one used the same poudriere instance (but not concurrently).

Does that help?

@dvl Thanks! Yes - it makes more sense since I've just read a bit more on the man/.conf/wiki for how poudriere works (previously I've only build from individual ports instead of poudriere). For testing various jail configurations it makes even more sense to avoid duplicate poudriere instances from either copying the jail or re-building everything from scratch in each new jail. I think this is enough of a nudge to get me started with poudriere on my dev box.

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