Someone spending a ridiculous amount of time trying to get into my Facebook account.

Not sure what they're hoping to achieve other than making my phone ping with reset emails... 🤨

Also, this is why I have MFA. Duh.

I too was today years old and this is freakin' awesome.


I was today years old when I found out Cloudflare has a wall full of lava lamps they feed into a camera as a way to generate randomness to create cryptographic keys


Yesterday, I picked up an Apple IIgs!

Today, I opened it up and removed the battery, and discovered it's a ROM-00 machine. Sounds like there might be advantages to upgrading it to a ROM-01 but I'm not super into this circle yet.

Anyone with more #Retro #Apple experience have any insight?

I’m having one of those weeks were I’m stupidly busy but I honestly couldn’t tell you what I’ve been doing.

I get the odd small task done and the rest of the time just seems to be fighting various fires, most of which are not my problem. 🤷

I am very glad I don’t have to do timelogs like at my previous job…

Stop implementing local account systems. Implement SSO protocols and leave authentication to those specialized for it.

Oh, this is sweet. @bitwarden now supports integration with email fowarding services SimpleLogin, AnonAddy, and Firefox Relay when setting up a new entry with the username generator.

I have never owned anything other than printers from HP until now! The HP
#DevOne is ordered!! @system76 @pop_os_official

System76 has collaborated with HP to bring Pop!_OS to a wider audience! The HP Dev One comes with Pop!_OS preinstalled and fast components like an 8-Core AMD RyzenTM 7 APU to help you complete development in a flash! Find out more:

Hey @bitwarden I didn’t know this was a thing - really cool!

Any plans to add other services like DuckDuckGo or Apple?

@dwaynebradley they have a coupon code (petal120) on their blog discounting the unlimited version down to $299 + tax.

We just added a new (free) course to University. This one is all about capturing data with Telegraf (the thing I work on all day). Find out more here ⤵️

I'm beginning to learn to pick up on interviewers who understand that I'm interviewing them as much as they are interviewing me. Those they understand it's two-sided end up as much more pleasurable experiences.

I find implementing the basics of a web app (auth, emails, admin panel) so boring that I rarely make it past those steps for personal apps. To fix that, I picked up Petal Pro ( for what I think was a steal at $299 for unlimited sites. Let’s hope this helps push me through those road blocks of motivation/interest!

I've grown to really really love the ability to statically encode as much stuff as possible, including stuff like state transitions and enums, and strongly typing things that would otherwise be plain strings :(

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me, several years ago: "static types are the worst thing ever please stop"

me now, working on an Elixir app: "lack of static types is going to be the end of me, everything is breaking randomly and I have to constantly cover my ass. I hate this."

Finished up my slides/demo for showing the Ardan Labs crew how to do socket hardware timestamping. There is a lot setup as a foundation, but hopefully it sheds light on the full network stack and queues, kernel messages, and timestamps.

20th May.

Pretty special day today. 💜

3 year ago I started my dream job, with the company that I'd been aiming to get into for best part of 10 years.

3 years later I'm still here, depsite a few set backs and stumbles, and going from strength to strength.


The Framework laptop updated for the 12th gen intel processors and you can upgrade your first edition! This has me torn between a @system76 laptop and now the framework laptop.

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