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Man... it's been a crazy week. I thought we'd take some time off, but it just didn't happen.

Good morning, friends! Sipping coffee and preparing for an awesome day of fun and food. I wish all my American friends a happy Thanksgiving!

Every time I see a show with people building a house I think, "WHAT?! No hidden doors, secret tunnels or concealed passageways?!"

Good morning, fellow Mastodonians! I hope you have a productive and happy Monday! :kerbal:

I'm really enjoying Mastodon. It reminds me of the other place in the early days... only better. I sincerely hope it will flourish.

Also, if you have a good work relationship, between writer & letterer, writer & artist, artist & colorist, you & your editor--make an effort to keep it, it's worth fighting for.

I've completed my afterword for The Imaginary Voyages of Edgar Allan Poe issue 2! It will only be available in our printed edition, so please consider pre-ordering a copy.
kickstarter.com/projects/dwigh mastodon.social/media/g2xw8VRH

Aw, man. Sad to hear about David Cassidy. Sure hope he pulls through.

Just saw the TV teaser for The Incredibles 2. If the first film was used as the model for a Fantastic Four film it would be HUGE.

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