come to the cuddly catgirl collective in the next 5 days if you want an ass kicking


it's that beautiful part of the year in which we all inexplicably love phones and making phone calls

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we got cute gay catgirls talking about x509 certificates, keyboard layouts and perl. this place is good.

morning! i upgraded my gsm dumbphone to a borrowed dect. also have some more sharks

at hardware hacking area because someone promised free fpgas if we install a toolchain!!!!

cute free tiny fpga!! smaller than my usb-c adapter!! it's called "fomu", runs a riscv core and implements usb inside it

oh! i forgot to post, i also got a card10 :3. also very cute! didn't do much with it yet but it says "dx" in nickname.txt, wrote that one from my phone with a usb-c to usb-c cable. technology.

soft squishy torch workshop with! after 4 hours of sewing conductive thread, my result is not pretty, but it's not reliable either! :D

aaaand cccamp is over for me. it was very good, first time in a long while that i can go out on vacation and actually feel like i'm on vacation. the place is magical and friends are good and soft.

@dx they're not going to like what they're collecting if I'm in the vicinity
@dx are those IKEA sharks? I swear I saw them at the store recently
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