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bye berlin! you're cute. would hug again

taking a Nice Train to sweden. i should be able to sleep here, allegedly

wifi "does not work until denmark", but the access point is there, UDP port 53 to anything works, it just refuses connections on any other UDP/TCP port. really makes you think.

also dang this train looked mostly empty and chill from berlin to hamburg, but now it's full

the map says this is denmark but it doesn't seem to have finished loading

i got 5-6 hours of sleep (less than i need but way better than nothing). what kinda works is head towards window, legs towards aisle, curl up, pillow made out of shark + some clothes.

you can tell this is sweden because no one is wearing a fucking mask

i keep reading random words and going "oh hey i love that song"

lund is tiiiiny, esp coming from berlin. i did 6.9km on a scooter in a circle and already found myself somewhere that doesn't look like city anymore

all the elevators are hissing for some reason. not sure why they are upset. i used the stairs just to be safe

this reminds me of my first few months in germany in that i don't understand shit when people talk to me, except i don't even know how to say thanks so i just did a thumbs-up to the cashier

the standard shop script suggests that at that point i should be offered a receipt, so saying :+1: and walking away is... not ideal, but passable

sweden?? are you okay?? it's no longer march 2020, the rest of the world realized by now that the advice of the WHO was bullshit because they were in denial about aerosol transmission

it was nice to go around lund today but i will now hide in my hotel cave and sleep forever (12 hours)

[12 hours later] why am i awake at 7am. this is Wrong

a minute after writing this i checked the weather and OH RIGHT FOG so i went outside and took ~150 photos

anyway! i left lund (cute lil town, would pet) and i'm now in gothenburg! let's hug

as far as i understood, gothenburg is the official english name because the swedish name (göteborg) is actually pronounced "yottaboy"

*runs away before people with actual phonetics skills catch her*

oh right sweden has actually good internet. gonna upload some backups using the hotel wifi i guess

i think i got a tan from all the laying down on grass lately

now my skin more closely matches the expectations people have of south american skin tones

went on a cute date with cute girl in cute city watching cute sharks (among other things)

that was technically my last vacation day, but i'm staying in gothenburg for two more days, just working from the hotel.

people here recognize my face very easily because i am the only person in the whole city who wears a proper FFP2 mask

leaving gothenburg in a bit! i took 2964 photos so far, all jpg+raw most of which i am most likely never going to process. i have Some Debt

i'm early to the airport (very rare) so i'm watching the staff take out the checked luggage from arrivals and put the stuff from departures in, and wow this is way more manual than i imagined it.

good news: the sky is blue. it was just a bunch of floof on the way

also, using l*fthansa flyn*t chat (free) again. if anyone wants to throw any ideas of things to test its limits, i'm all ears (afaik it's unrestricted, except they block servers with small IP addresses like

it... feels nice to be back in germany? it feels nice to hear people speak german? what. am i tsundere to germany.

final photo count is 3200 (i just took one selfie to pad that to a round number)

i did a free covid pcr test at the muc airport and just received a negative result :3

gonna keep using this thread for Postprocessing. anyway: i can't actually copy the raws to my laptop because i don't have that much space. 90gb total for the whole folder, 13gb jpegs, 1.4gb mp4


postprocessing update:
- i got myself a "NAS" (i plugged an external disk to a raspberry pi in the basement)
- rediscovered that i have an ethernet cable next to the bed
- moved 100gb of crap out of my laptop
- now i got the 3k photos loaded in darktable
- ran out of weekend

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these are really cute photos and i'm gonna continue being a tease by posting None of them

(it's still kinda overwhelming. a lot to filter, things with faces need consent, nudes need to be deleted, etc)

after 10 minutes of editing the brightness curve of a raw (i'm still learning) i'm happy with it and decide to look at the jpeg from the camera, and it's way better?? this is harsh

sometimes the raw is nicer without much effort though! this is, whomst cute.

left raw, right jpg. raw just has what i batch apply to every picture: presets, lens correction, +0.50 saturation

oh shit sorry i just noticed the twitter crossposter skipped the photos entirely :( i guess i'll make the threading weird...

here are the cynthias promised two posts up that the crossposter ate entirely (i wonder if it was a filesize thing? the second one is almost 3mb)

the thread will continue from that post, not from here

postprocessing update: (yeahhhh this thread is back)
- i got a 2tb nvme ssd for my laptop and replaced the 512gb one it had. i have 1333gb free now

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