got myself a 3M HF-802SD
+ the voice quality is so good!!
+ the suffocation button is a fun feature
+ just as comfy as my other 3M valved respirators
- "secure click" particulate filters look kinda silly without combination filters.


i might import american P100 particulate filters again to get the cool pink style back

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since a few people asked: yeah these have an exhalation valve, unfiltered. the pandemic is """over""", and i usually use these where no one else in the room gives a fuck, so why should i

but unfiltered exhalation valves are still more filtering than nothing, and apparently it helps that this points downwards

cdc says they help "to levels similar to or better than those provided by surgical masks, procedure masks, or cloth face coverings"

@AmyZenunim @dx i have a bunch of those respirators, unfortunately they don't have an exhalation filter. but MSA has one which does. 3M doesn't have any half-masks which do exhalation filtering.

@ln @dx yeah, i have the MSA Adv900 with pink P100s. it's pretty good so far. was just wondering about this one, but it's good to know 3M doesn't have any I suppose

@AmyZenunim @ln @dx fwiw there is the add-on exhalation filter for 6000 series masks, the 604.

@AmyZenunim @dx MSA advantage 900 (i think) is the one I'd get for use in public

@AmyZenunim nope, but i've chosen not to care anymore. i've seen studies (can dig the link if you want) that show that exhalation valves pointing downwards are about as protective as cloth masks, and in the contexts i'd use these things, there's usually people not wearing any proper filtration at all

@dx Not to mention the CDC themselves found valves give non-negligible source control, on par with some cloth masks

@slowfallinward oh thanks for the keywords, i was looking for that

@dx yeah i used to use an exhalation valve filter but then i stopped because nobody else cares anyway

@dx personally i find it less comfy and less fashionable than the 3M 6200, so i still wear the latter everywhere, even meetings. in particular, the buckles on the top strap kinda scrape against my head when i do my usual pulling-the-strap-over-my-head motion which is annoying. maybe i should give it another chance though, might be nice for my coworkers to understand me better.

i live in the US so let me know if you need help getting the american filters. my secure click p100s are purple :3

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