radical right-wingers: refugees back to where they will be killed!
radical leftists: human rights for humans!

racists: shoot or imprison POC!
anti-racists: human rights for humans!

TERFs: trans people are not human!
queers: human rights for humans!

fascists: kill foreigners!
antifascists: fascists out of parliaments!

fossil capitalists: profit from ecocide!
eco-terrorists: make ecocide illegal!

capitalists: extort people and the planet!
anti-capitalists: benefit people and the planet!

Being radical is not inherently bad. Being wrong is!

#RefugeesWelcome #HumanRights #AntiRacism #TERFs #TransRightsAreHumanRights #AntiFascism #StopEcocide #AntiCapitalism


@PaulaToThePeople yeah. I’m so tired of the “both sides” gaslighting. There’s no “middle ground” between “extreme horribleness” and “basic ethical stances”.

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