i keep changing her design, and i feel i won't stop anytime soon.

cw// drugs 

commission for @fillertrack

take a break just to take a hit of your shitty knock off vape pen.

some more music stuff im working on.
making a dedicated album using samples instead of just a random collection of songs lying around means im making HOT shit.

just came back to this account to drop some sick BEATs.

some real lofi-beats to study to...at least a snippet

i mentioned a remix album im cooking up (and will probs be done after i finish electro musings)

so here's a snippet [image not related]

Been having ideas, and this Reaper Girl is one of them

Nevermind, it's cause those two have the same names to other more popular songs

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It makes less sense when I check my stats ....like why those songs?!

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I check my Spotify and ....how? Whose listening to my music?

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