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@plsburydoughboy i have only ever used offset sticks, except for Dualshock. and only the 4th one im willing to use, because it isn't so cramped

I just post every so often because I can

@OsirisSaline and since PC games love their tweaks, hopefully the team adds video options...i wanna at least hit an average 30 fps, at least

@OsirisSaline im just hoping it's a "we didn't have lower end machines in mind/important on our priority lists" sort of deal

cause while the game out(yes its laggy for me but its fun enough i shall DEAL) the team did knew of problems (like audio) the game has, so while not broken, you can tell they wanted to push it out


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No bad frame rate won't stop me, except in the campaign and in forge maps, those are unplayable to me

Given how downgraded Halo Reach Splitscreen went on the OG Xbox, I feel 343 are holding back on their "performance" graphics option

Gimme a potatoe option, or at least let me downgrade the shaders, plz. I want at least a consistent 30 fps

some more music stuff im working on.
making a dedicated album using samples instead of just a random collection of songs lying around means im making HOT shit.

just came back to this account to drop some sick BEATs.

some real lofi-beats to study to...at least a snippet

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