How private are Mastadon for real? Are every post encrypted with AES 256?

Why can't I add the instance pxlfd.me to the Mastodon app? I've chosen Pixelfed instance, entered the address, but it will not work. Only getting "there is no timelines in this feed" or something like that.

Last year for fireworks to be used by all the people here in Sweden. Next year it's harder for firework lovers (you must have permission to even touch a firework). Loving it! Finally it happens!

Happy new years, everyone!!

I think I will go mad soon! My neighbour's dog has barked for over 10 minutes now and keeps on going! 🤬😠 Fuck what I hate dogs sometimes! SHUT THE FUCK UP, FUCKING PIECE OF SHIT!!!

"Welcome to Facebook." Uhm. I made my second account back in 2016, you idiot!

Yesterday I talked with a friend about a store in a nearby city. I was offline the whole time. Today I got an ad about the store we talked about, in the Messenger app from Facebook! That made me mad and I uninstalled the app as soon as I could!

Fuck you, hidden listeners!

I am so fucking tired of this shit now! Can't the concussion be over soon?! I can live with the light sickness, but the concussion symptoms I can live without! Fuck you!!

Home alone once more. Lets do something creative with my economy website!

Ok. I'm bored. Do you guys have any tips of what I can do as a person with the winter cold?

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If there wasn't for all my friends on Facebook, I would delete my account there too.

Fuck, I love my new home screen!

3 of the apps you see in the screenshot, are open source (Etar, QKSMS, and Telegram).

If someone here know a dialer app that are similar to Dialer by SimplerApps (material design that looks really nice), but are open source, please let me know.

Ah. Now I don't have any tinnitus at all. So nice!

I have a really strong tinnitus right now! It came all of the sudden few minutes ago. Fuck, it's annoying!! 😖 I hope it will end very soon!

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Almost gave up on this one, it wasn't really working for me. Then I pulled out the airbrush and *chef kiss*. Started out as a Bob Eggleton master study, although I simplified the composition a lot.

#art #MastoArt #CreativeToots #painting #gouache #airbrush #scifi #space

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