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[POLL] Would you buy a with /e/OS native?

@e_mydata @PINE64
Why would anybody want to install Android in some form or another on a PinePhone? The whole point of it is that it can run proper Linux.

@magnus Because if there are iOS / Android only applications you are forced to use by work, bank or government, you would prefer them be on a private and secure system.



Please do release a build for PinePhone. I'm sure if there is a way to dual boot, a lot of people will want to dual boot Android with the other OSs. Android is matured and a lot of software supports on Android that we rely on.

@e_mydata @PINE64 Nope,if I can run a real Linux distribution on it,I'll do so.Can't wait to get rid of Android 🤢

I would normally consider this, but I already bought a PinePhone and I'm already using /e/ as my main mobile OS.

@e_mydata @PINE64 That would definitely be the way to have a brand new /e/ phone on shelves, that would be great.

@e_mydata @PINE64 Definitely. And if you confirmed it was coming I'd hold off in order to wait for it.

@e_mydata @PINE64

I already bought a Pinephone with no OS so why not ? Worst case I don't like it, wipe it and install something else.

@e_mydata @PINE64 I said it once before, and I'll say it again.

YES! I'll buy a #PinePhone if it came with /e/OS native.

@e_mydata @PINE64 Too bad we can't vote anymore. Pinephone + /e/OS would be great !

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