Great team progress for /e/OS on !
- Wifi
- Media Playback
- Camera

- Fingerprint
- other sensors

Getting closer to the beta release. Stay tuned! @WeAreFairphone @Fairphone

@e_mydata @WeAreFairphone @Fairphone Will this be upstreamed to LineageOS as well? Would be great to get the entire community power behind those changes :)

@e_mydata @WeAreFairphone @Fairphone sounds great! weird question though: Is it possible to actually make a phone call? because thats what a PHONE is for lol

@e_mydata @WeAreFairphone @Fairphone

That's very nice to hear! Without wanting to put any pressure on you: How soon will /e/ be ready? More likely in a few weeks or will it take a few more months? I am really excited! Thanks a lot for your work!

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