Welcome to our range of phones!

This is probably the 1st privacy conscious and sustainable phone, fair for the planet and your personal data.
Preorder your /e/-Fairphone 3 today!
@Fairphone @WeAreFairphone

@e_mydata Such a good news. My next phone (when my current one will be dead of course) for sure! @Fairphone @WeAreFairphone

@e_mydata @Fairphone @WeAreFairphone

🧡 ce combo... il manque plus que les coupe-circuits matériels comme sur le pour que ça soit parfait.

Je suis tenté ! Est-ce qu'il y a un avantage à pré-commander plutôt que d'attendre de pouvoir commander ? Sera-ce le même prix ?

@e_mydata @Fairphone @WeAreFairphone
Received my phone yesterday 😊🥳
Looking forward to see if this can replace my daily driver.

@e_mydata @Fairphone @WeAreFairphone I'd actually like to buy such a phone but your shop seems to be rather broken.

Yesterday or so I checked the store and it said 40 phones available.
Today I checked and it said one available.
Whenever I add that phone to the basket and try to check it out the store claims there is no phone available.
Sometimes the store also claims that there are 37 phones available, but checkout still doesn't work.

Please fix your store, it is not exactly inspiring trust.

It would be great if you could resume posting stuff at Mastodon. Thanks. 🙏

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