Congrats to @Fairphone on their big announcement!
Soon, we will share what we've been working on: releasing /e/OS for the FP3+ and upgrading our FP3 build to Android 10!
Stay tuned!

@e_mydata @Fairphone Hi! What about russian and ukrainian custumers? How can I get it there?

@e_mydata @Fairphone Pretty sure I want that.

Is it correctly understood that /e/ OS can just be pointed at a @nextcloud instance, and then that’s functionally my private cloud, just like Google is the surveillance capitalistic cloud for standard Android?

AFAIK you cannot use your own nextcloud instance. You have to rely on an /e/ instance. Hope it will change in the future.
@e_mydata @Fairphone @nextcloud

@e_mydata @Fairphone

I'm curious if you have an estimated time frame? (I have just dropped and broken my fp2!)

@celesteh @Fairphone You can check our new blog article for more details 🙂

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