📢 Coming soon 📢
In order to make sure you can keep your devices running longer, /e/OS will soon be available in beta on .
Stay tuned for more information!

@e_mydata The wording here confuses me. Does this mean /e/OS with an Android 10 base?

@vega Not at the moment, sorry!
You can check our compatible devices here:

@e_mydata Do you have a rough idea about when to expect that launch? What year?

@e_mydata Awesome. Thats the last thing I'm waiting for, before I switch on my Fairphone 3.

@krille @e_mydata ich habe schon die Alpha Version auf mein OP3 drauf und sie läuft sehr gut!


I realy hope there is a open source offline tts engine included then.. 😔 OSMand+ need that for navigation

@deliri @e_mydata I could be mistaken but the stock Maps app (from /e/ OS) has TTS and uses #OSM maps..

@deliri @e_mydata I like it as well, even have the paid subscription for it… but the Maps does have a nicer interface I think

I DO not understand.
e/OS is it alternative OR is it android? Please, understand people, who are not geeks!

@EspOnagrine @e_mydata
Short answer: It is android

Android is mostly open source, meaning one can take it, modify and redistribute. That's what phone companies do by the way. But there are other alternative versions of android, such as LineageOS

But android apps also need google play services, which proprietary and evil (it tracks you). There is a free implementation called microg

/e/ is based on both and more. It's pretty and offers online services

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