No need to wait for Google to rate Android apps for privacy. This feature is built into /e/OS and has been available for more than a year! via @eff

@e_mydata @eff

Lol, Google rating apps for privacy is like Shell rating people on their climate performance.

@PaulaToThePeople @e_mydata @eff /e/ calculates a privacy rating of apps on their own (I have asked for clarification about the details). /e/ is not a part of Google, they use LineageOS as a base for their operating system and try to remove as much reporting back to Google as possible in the /e/ OS.

@e_mydata @eff Can you explain more your privacy rating system? Apple shows what information is shared about you to the app in an easy to understand list. /e/ privacy rating is based on exodus-privacy reports which simply list trackers found and the raw permissions the app is requesting. This is difficult for the average user to translate into what data is accessible by the app. There is a privacy rating in the e app store but no breakdown how this is calculated.

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