Our team is happy to announce that from now on you can install /e/OS on your Fairphone 4. We are extremely excited to make a step together with @Fairphone towards an even more sustainable smartphone that cares about your data privacy.

@e_mydata @Fairphone Woohoo just installed adb and fastboot. I'll be trying this out on my old bq Aquaris Pro later on!

@e_mydata @Fairphone i did configure a friends Brand New fp4. Nice. But i was shocked: it's stuffed full with gockel apps. Why would this be neccessary, if privacy and fairness matters?

@bastian @e_mydata @Fairphone honestly, I did never investigate. This makes sense. My opinion was, that every fp is shipped with /e/ installed. I did never work with /e/ nor "standard" android,. Therefore I thought, I was configuring an /e/ based phone. Shame on me - oh noooo.... ;))
But still - anyway - who does ship such a phone with gockel??

@ff7 @e_mydata Currently, the FP4 is not supported by /e/s easy-installer.
Fairphone ships a pretty standard Android these times. I recommend /e/ to most people, but there are still things to explain. For example, I do not use the built-in app store of /e/ which seems to redistribute APKs from the Play Store and F-Droid. I recommend using F-Droid and Aurora Store.

@bastian @e_mydata @Fairphone *kopfschüttel* um den Bootloader zu entsperren braucht's einen Code. Den erhält man durch Eingabe von IMEI und Seriennummer hier #grübelwozudasgutseinsoll

@bastian @e_mydata @Fairphone nein - habe noch nie einen Code dafür irgendwo angefragt.

@ff7 Sollte man vielleicht mal bei Fairphone fragen, was das Soll. Von @Fairphone habe ich hier noch nie eine Antwort erhalten. Sieht mir nach einem Twitter-Crossposter aus.

@e_mydata @Fairphone

Did you manage to add a headphone jack as well?

@e_mydata @Fairphone Does it allow locking the bootloader with a custom OS signing key, to enable verified boot?

@inference @e_mydata @Fairphone The last step of the installation guide is locking the bootloader again 👍


Question is, does it support any OS signing key, or just the one in the guide?
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