Welcome to our range of phones!

This is probably the 1st privacy conscious and sustainable phone, fair for the planet and your personal data.
Preorder your /e/-Fairphone 3 today!

@Fairphone @WeAreFairphone

What can YOU do to help fighting ?
Donate computer power with @foldingathome, a distributed computing project for simulating protein dynamics.
And join team eFoundation πŸ˜‰

Every little contribution can make a big difference!

Great team progress for /e/OS on !
- Wifi
- Media Playback
- Camera

- Fingerprint
- other sensors

Getting closer to the beta release. Stay tuned! @WeAreFairphone @Fairphone

Introducing /e/OS for Galaxy S8 "dreamlte" Exynos.
Still beta but so far everything seems to work well.
Install at doc.e.foundation/devices/dream
Get your hands on it and report any issue you may encounter at gitlab.e.foundation.
Kudos to the dev team!

/e/OS now available on @Android for the !
Many thanks to our users and @WeAreFairphone community for their help testing and making it ready for all.
Build is accessible under the upgrade section here doc.e.foundation/devices/FP2/u

2 years ago closed the successful campaign at the inception of /e/!
Huge thanks again to all our backers!

2 years after:
βœ… released
βœ… 91 supported and counting
βœ… selling smartphones with /e/OS and more to come in 2020!

Great discussion today with @TLLim and @PINE64 in Brussels!
Next on our list, getting /e/OS on this baby! Stay tuned!

Protect your data from Ring Doorbell App and other apps that spy on you 24/7!
In /e/OS, all apps get a privacy score and built-in trackers are visible with just one tap thanks to @exodus

eff.org/fr/deeplinks/2020/01/r @eff

How do we calculate our privacy score in our Android app repository?
Each app in the /e/ app store gets a privacy score. The score is a note from 10 to 0, 0 being the lowest, combined with a colour code from green to red to help visually
Scoring is based on 2 criteria provided by @ExodusPrivacy
standalone analysis of APK application packages:
- number of trackers makes 80 % of the scoring.
- number of permissions makes 20% of the scoring.

Have you seen our enabled yet?
A premium grade refurbished smartphone with a privacy first OS, compatible with most apps.
Great for privacy and for reducing electronic waste!
Don't wait and get yours today!

Thursday is new devices day at @e_mydata !
Happy to support 2 new devices with /e/OS!
- Samsung S5 LTE "klte"
- Samsung A7 2017 "a7y17lte"

/e/OS is now available for 91 smartphones!
Download, install, test and report issues from:

Our "Mail-in your phone" Flashing service is in beta testing!
First have arrived safely and are flashed by our team of experts with /e/OS, the for !

Hoping to be rolling out soon, stay tuned!

Will you be our ?
We are so close to celebrating a big milestone: our /e/ finding a home.
We're giving away an /e/ Hoodie to our order!
Don't wait and buy your /e/ smartphone today at e.foundation

/e/ foundation
Self-hosting is now available in beta with /e/OS. Manage and host your mail, drive, for your family or corporate, using a single identity on your own custom domain, and connect it with your /e/OS smartphone!

More at gitlab.e.foundation/e/infra/ec

One step closer to shipping our /e/ smartphones: packaging and in-box materials are ready! We're currently fine tuning our back office as we speak to be able to launch order ASAP. Stay tuned! @gael

πŸ₯³ First running build on Pie!
We're making great progress to welcome more smartphones to /e/ by @gael ! Getting ready to move quicker on porting to the upcoming Android Q πŸš€


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