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This is probably the 1st privacy conscious and sustainable phone, fair for the planet and your personal data.
Preorder your /e/-Fairphone 3 today!

@Fairphone @WeAreFairphone

Thanks for pointing this out. We will look into it quickly!

"A sustained conversation about surveillance, and the trade-offs between public safety and privacy, is long overdue." by

We need a new paradigm where privacy is the default, not an afterthought.
That's why we created /e/OS!

"I trust Apple and Google to prevent my personal health information from being identified as mine and shared with others".

Clearly we don't live the in the same world with @theverge@bot.undernet.uy !


What can YOU do to help fighting ?
Donate computer power with @foldingathome, a distributed computing project for simulating protein dynamics.
And join team eFoundation 😉

Every little contribution can make a big difference!

Great team progress for /e/OS on !
- Wifi
- Media Playback
- Camera

- Fingerprint
- other sensors

Getting closer to the beta release. Stay tuned! @WeAreFairphone @Fairphone

Is that the best use of tech in these dark times?
Tracking people's location data...
Even based on opt-in, these would open doors to massive surveillance... and we all know how this ends... never well.

Thanks to our great team of developers, /e/ OS for Galaxy S8 ("dreamlte" - Exynos version only) is now available for download and tests. Still in beta though so far everything seems to work well.
Get your hands on it, and please report any issue you may encounter at gitlab.e.foundation.

Introducing /e/OS for Galaxy S8 "dreamlte" Exynos.
Still beta but so far everything seems to work well.
Install at doc.e.foundation/devices/dream
Get your hands on it and report any issue you may encounter at gitlab.e.foundation.
Kudos to the dev team!

Read about our progress and our upcoming projects: /e/OS installer, new privacy features...
Thanks @itsfoss for the coverage!

🇨🇵 Ne pas avoir un compte Facebook ne signifie pas que vous êtes libre de leur surveillance!
"Nous aurions tous besoin d'un peu moins de Facebook dans nos vies"
Lisez notre billet de blog et partagez votre expérience sur notre forum: community.e.foundation/t/we-co

Not being on Facebook doesn't mean that you are free from their surveillance and tracking!
"We could all do with a little less Facebook in our lives"
Read our blog post and share your experience on our forum:

📢 Our team has ported /e/OS on Samsung S8, S8+ and Note 8 Exynos!!! 🍾

Want to help testing it before it is officially released? More info at link below:

"One smart move would be for @huawei to go with all of it, HMS core and AppGallery, allowing both to be installed on any device"
Agreed @Wired!
app store and mobile services is the way forward!


To all Google UK users, time to switch to ecloud before your user data will be moved to U.S!
At ecloud you get a unique user ID with synced email, calendars, contacts and documents mashable.com/article/british-g


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