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from @PINE64 is in the spotlight right now.
[POLL] Would you buy a with /e/OS native?

/e/OS now available on @Android for the !
Many thanks to our users and @WeAreFairphone community for their help testing and making it ready for all.
Build is accessible under the upgrade section here

from @PINE64 is in the spotlight right now.
[POLL] Would you buy a with /e/OS native?

2 years ago closed the successful campaign at the inception of /e/!
Huge thanks again to all our backers!

2 years after:
✅ 91 supported and counting
✅ selling smartphones with /e/OS and more to come in 2020!

Nouvelle coque en bois "fleur de lotus" pour mon smartphone @e_mydata reconditionné... C'est super classe, la gravure au laser est très fine...

Par LithaCreations :

Great discussion today with @TLLim and @PINE64 in Brussels!
Next on our list, getting /e/OS on this baby! Stay tuned!

Protect your data from Ring Doorbell App and other apps that spy on you 24/7!
In /e/OS, all apps get a privacy score and built-in trackers are visible with just one tap thanks to @exodus @eff

📰 Our latest newsletter is available! 📰

Major /e/OS updates, upcoming Progressive Web Apps support...
Learn more about our recent updates, available online in 4 languages (EN, FR, IT, RU)

This scoring meant to make users aware of privacy risks before they install their favorite apps.

Its calculation will probably evolve and be refined in the coming weeks or months.

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How do we calculate our privacy score in our Android app repository?
Each app in the /e/ app store gets a privacy score. The score is a note from 10 to 0, 0 being the lowest, combined with a colour code from green to red to help visually
Scoring is based on 2 criteria provided by @ExodusPrivacy
standalone analysis of APK application packages:
- number of trackers makes 80 % of the scoring.
- number of permissions makes 20% of the scoring.

"Data Privacy Will Be The Most Important Issue In The Next Decade" @ForbesMagazine from Mary Meehan

At /e/, we're ready and can help us switch to a privacy friendly smartphone!

For our french readers, read @gael ITW on @lemonde
"/e/ est le fruit d’un cheminement similaire à Mandrake. L’idée géniale de Gaël a été de créer la solution que tout le monde attendait [...] sur le marché des OS mobiles" - Jacques Le Marois.

Have you seen our enabled yet?
A premium grade refurbished smartphone with a privacy first OS, compatible with most apps.
Great for privacy and for reducing electronic waste!
Don't wait and get yours today!

Since my #librem5 will still take a while (Evergreen Batch so far...), I "unearthed" my old Moto G4+, running @e_mydata . Goodbye G00gle.

Je viens juste d'installer @e_mydata sur mon téléphone, et bien pour l'instant je regrette pas pour un son 😃

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