apologies for the birdsite crossover tootage but I found this from archillect a bit mesmerizing twitter.com/archillect/status/ and is an actual photo, a nature shot called Pulse of Time flickr.com/photos/broot/254340

a reminder that nature is generative.

'mind and soular system'

jwildfire render, touched up slightly in gimp

I don't plan on voting for Tulsi(or any Democrat, for that matter) but a polytheist as president would benefit the US long term as far as cultural shifts go.

Pardon the slight verge.

'there is more to life than losing time'

jwildfire + corel painter essentials then touched up slightly with gimp

'portrait of a nude affine fractal, on canvas'

back to jwildfire renders, this one post processed in gimp+gmic

the Black Ink software which I use for doodling is on sale for a few days. I highly recommend trying the demo on steam before buying if interested, especially to make sure graphics card can run it adequately. someone/anyone who actually knows how to draw could surely do better with it than i..but it's fun to play around with either way.


'to the universe, from 9'

pen tablet drawn in black ink, touched up with gmic

'facial treescape'

Every life tells a story. named after one of the gradients used on the jwildfire flame

apologies for the dailymail link too, but on the subject of books worth picking up I'm often recommending this one: dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3

".. that darkness might be a medium of vision, and that descent may be a movement toward revelation rather than deprivation.”

much of what the nytimes publishes tends to be trash, but a rare piece worth sharing: nytimes.com/2019/06/07/books/r

'listening directly to the sun'

a quick in Black Ink on tablet, mild post processing w/ gmic

'161v616' or 'every planet burns out long before the sun it orbits'

'awaken the time'

jwildfire + texture composite in gimp, cw for mild blood imagery

'planetary loitering'

another quick and glitchy Black Ink doodle, touched up in gimp

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