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hey i might open up art commissions (mainly cause i need money)
so info: i do weapons and tools for characters! im willing to do anything in that vein so if you want art of your dnd character's sword than im your guy

(ask for pricing info)

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anyway Spender is a dave strider kinnie and its canon

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*gets all the infinity stones just so i can put them onto a pride flag*

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- ralsei
- gohan
- dave strider
- halexander's fursona
- every existing early 2000's era website that just has the most eyebleeding stuff all over it
- limbo warframe
- minecraft steve
- alphonse elric
- the sand guardian vine
- RTGame

please follow me over there if you want to see all my funny toots and all my not-so funny toots

anyway just here to remind yall i moved to

is there an easy way to transfer who im following to a new acct

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also fun fact the whole bullet hell thing is a reference to undertale and deltarune - the attack method it represents is a rare spell variety that attacks a target's soul directly.

the bullet hell game thing is designed so one player (usually me as the dm/the one attacking through the method it represents) controls the bullet patterns while the other controls the "player"

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im gonna continue playing oblivion now so see yall later

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if yall keep moving to other instances im gonna become the single most powerful person on this instance

i might move to another instance eventually
but for now im not gonna get out of this chair

programming a bullet hell minigame for a thing in my dnd setting while listening to this

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