I feel we are all getting older but not wiser

This is what we (developers) had been saying for a long time, while their response is simply banning people who alert this at Twitter, discord and subreddits.
When goes to zero, don't say we didn't told you so

European politics, american-socialist point of view 

How The EU Created The World's Deadliest Border | Second Thought

"We hear a lot about the horrific border policy of the US, but very rarely does anyone mention Europe. Believe it or not, the deadliest border In the world isn't shared with the US...but the EU. What's going on here? How is Frontex, the EU border security organization, responsible for tens of thousands of preventable deaths?"



Retrouvez ci-dessous [THREAD] les temps d'accueil 🤗, de formation 👩‍🏫, d'action ✊ chez #ExtinctionRebellion

#Thunberg #Climate

Still hope...

Challenge the liars.

Truth and lies. The renewed boundary for the ancient class war.

Friendly reminder: if you need to plan something with many people, then don't do it on public social media.

Use Signal. Use ToR.

A sneak peak of the Pixelfed Live web player 👀

- Real time comments across web and mobile apps
- Delete messages or ban users from your streams
- Pin any chat message
- Real time viewer count
- Public live streams anyone can view (without the app or an account)

Hello Live, simple mobile live streaming with follower-only or public streams that can be viewed without an account or app - just a web browser!

Shipping soon! 🚀


Going to a protest? Protect your data.

🔐Use a strong password and remove fingerprint
unlock & Face ID.

📸Take photos/videos without unlocking your device.

📱Use an encrypted messenger like Signal.

🧢Wear nondescript clothing and cover identifying

RT @WHO: Safe abortion care is essential to protect the health of women & girls everywhere.
Removing access to #abortion care will put more women & girls at risk of illegal abortions and the consequent safety issues that would bring who.int/health-topics/abortion

🐦🔗: nitter.eu/GreenPartyMolly/stat

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