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hey, furries/artists/furry artists! you have a feline fursona/character you want drawn? well i will do a flat color drawing of them for FREEEEEEEEEE because i need practice. just reply or w/e w/a ref and i might draw them if i think they will fit my style (here's an example of my art)


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meme (clean) 

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"it's important to feel intensely, put your heart on the floor and look at that shit" is words i wanna live by the rest of my life

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some of the stuff i read on here makes me yell "STOP!!" out loud

i am SO LATE to this but sally face? good fuckin shit

straight boys be like ma'am this is my emotional support dick pic

my fiance: oh here comes nico!

me, scuttling out of my room on all fours and hissing: C O O C H I E

this whole site is just a game of cards against humanity

on mastodon you only have a matter of minutes to hop on the latest meme before it dies

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oh epic win dude. epic fucking win dude im sooooo happy you pwned my girlfriend

WHO is the cum shot gamer and WHY are we all talking about them

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new game called: What's That Kin? in which based on the discourse associated you have to guess which kin it is

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imagine having a shitty name
this post was made by trans gang


my fiance: buenos dias!
my brain immediately: YTP: spencer launches a bagel into griffin's rectum

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drawing and being unable to figure out the FUCKING SHADING

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