MITM'ing bandcamp and getting access to the forbidden songs (unavailable for download via site, but available via app) has been successful, but I have now zero motivation to script it :(

Friend: has frozen disk, a touch process stuck in a kernel call, asks help.
Me, hoping it will fuck it up even more: run sync!
Friend: why even
Friend: it works

yii boi Dj Smokey Triple Six Bitch (3% of all music I listened this year was Dj Smokey wtf), also honorary mention of Death Grips as always :)

I thought this was a warning, "this is fictional please don't be offended" warning, like in Far Cry 5.

I can totally recommend this game tho, has combined play styles of The Witcher 3 and Middle-Earth. also I'm loving all the accents!


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