The bridge between my twitter and this mastodon has been broken, follow me on ( from now on!

or alternatively

fyi I will be moving instances soon, and will be using from then on :)

Just got a pptx containing a meeting schedule. -.-

They would bury their grandma using PowerPoint if they could.

Funfact there is rDNS for cellphone numbers! the Dutch zone is currently owned by surfnet:

eater@adora: ~ $ dig +short SOA 71 3600 3600 172800 1200


My relationship with gender identity is weird, because not identifying as man feels like turning a blind eye to my privilege and running away from the stereotype and social bias men have. But also because of the stereotype that exists around men I don't feel comfortable identifying as it, heh. Never liked choosing between either, so I would identify as NB I guess? -there are things to learn and investigate-

walked into my house last night to our TV screen frozen on this

yesss, gender neutral emoji's are coming. I've been using female emojis forever now because those were the default. (I have a weird relationship with gender identity 🤔)

@Gottox I know there are anti-adblocker blockers, just can't find them right now. will poke you if I find it again :)

"Security and privacy are important to us" said the marketeer "for the right price" they followed under their breath

Am happy that gamers call it day one patch and not zero day patch. that would've been problematic.

other people: eater is a smart individual, knows a lot of stuff.
me: hehehehehe a Dutch number plate, pretty cool that there are other Dutch people in this country beside me... wait. everyone had a Dutch numberplate. OH I'm actually in The Netherlands. well then.

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