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WebAssembly really opens new possibilities, like e.g. providing the whole Opus library, because the WebAudio API is lacking for non-PCM data! (while the Opus library is already included in every major browser. but details.)

the worst part about Spectre is that SharedArrayBuffer's are behind a flag again

this setup also allows me to have native clients just use plain UDP sockets. which seems cool.

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I've also gotten complaints about the delay/rtt being too high. but I've no idea on how to debug that since it's a giant black box. I've also noticed that sometimes the client can't catch up, so there's a delay of 30s. which is stupid

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the current setup -works- but I have to depend on the server to e.g. mute a client. since I've not found a way yet to see which stream is which. the server knows which streams belong to who. but there's no identifier client side.

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all of this shouldn't be a big performance hit either. because the MediaStream already uses opus, and I'll be using the native API's to encode and decode them. I could also optionally premix the received audio frames.

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this _should_ work. but I'm going to lose all "benefits" of an RTC MediaStream. which I haven't encountered yet. this allows me to timestamp and put other metadata (like, who this is from) on audio frames, and drop them on will, and detect lag!

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and sending those over a RTCDataChannel to the SFU, on client when received, wrap it in an ogg container again, decode, and queue sample with an ScriptProcessorNode or AudioWorklet on an AudioContext object.

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WebRTC MediaStream's are such a blackbox, that I've been thinking of ways to get more control over it, -while- keeping native performance. my current plan is throwing the mic in a MediaRecorder with a 20ms recording interval, unwrapping the opus packets from the ogg container /n

"Screaming into the void has never been so much fun!"

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Meanwhile is coming along fine. currently it's just a blank page, and you just have to trust you're not alone in the server

It's only natural the next chat app is going to be called abuse

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What is the fascination with the negative parts of conversation in chat apps?

Jabber - please stop talking
Mumble - please stop mumbling
Discord - guys please, don't all talk at the same time
tox - please dont be toxic

WebRTC and Web Audio are the dark corners of Web standards, 2 seperate hells of never ending bikeshedding

"Note: As of the August 29 2014 Web Audio API spec publication, this feature has been marked as deprecated, and is soon to be replaced by AudioWorklet."

> AudioWorklet is not implemented in Firefox

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WebAudio is uhh, weird. e.g. a NoiseGate (mute stream when sound is below n dB), would be really helpful, somebody in 2014 also thought so:

I am cri

I am building a WebRTC app, and jesus. this spec is 5 years old and somehow still immature? (my IS_CHROME hacks so far:

but damn, the stuff you can do with it is pretty awesome.

Welkom bij mijn Starbucks killer: Stermunten

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