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the only reach I have are my arms and those are pretty long I guess

I checkout out an open source SVN project, and it took 3 hours to be done. I'm happy we're using git nowadays

the answer is most of the time lack of support and or motivation. or -i hit a boring part and couldn't be bothered anymore-

I've gotten to a point where I don't look at previous projects with disgust but more like "this was really cool, why did I never finish this?".

Also JSFiddle links are apparently ~suspicious~ :(

I was trying to make a "particle system", and made some stupid flickering stuff with it. after a while I figured out how to spawn things on an SVG path

3. Flaregun: https://jsfiddle[.]net/EaterOfCode/5ayhk/9/ https://jsfiddle[.]net/EaterOfCode/5ayhk/3/ (may freeze your browser) https://jsfiddle[.]net/EaterOfCode/5ayhk/6/

2. The forever wall: https://jsfiddle[.]net/EaterOfCode/N9ZUH/3/

I played around with the idea of having 3 div's forever looping if you scroll, which had a pretty cool effect :)

so after a lot of googling and totally not grasping the idea of how rotation works in 3D space, I created this. I created a Tumblr theme out of it, it was completely unusable because the cube was too narrow :')

1. The 3D cube in HTML: https://jsfiddle[.]net/EaterOfCode/Yb7t6/

This is out of something like, 2013-2014, and CSS3 was just getting traction, so I was just fucking around with that. till I had the idea, "why not make a UI that's a giant cube you can interact with"

When I was ~16-18 I would just -fuck around- in JSFiddle and create stupid shit.

A thread


Only in PHP you will find a function with the docs describing it as "Binary safe case-insensitive string comparison. "

the most sound lib I've found is which is C++ and actually makes zero implications about what data you're sending. so guess I'll build a Rust server around that

Everybody is foaming on about live555 as if it's godsend and it's almost not documented, the FAQ says "there no docs read the code" like wtf

If you thought WebRTC is a tire fire? you should look at RTP (the protocol WebRTC is build on).

future user: "My copy of Buttplug doesn't work"

me: "What version are you running"

user: "420.69.666"

me: "And you didn't see a problem with this?"

user: "It's a piece of software called Buttplug"

me: "Ok. Fair."

Ah a female character? let's put some GIANT ASS BOOBS ON THERE. THAT MAKES SENSE.

WebAssembly really opens new possibilities, like e.g. providing the whole Opus library, because the WebAudio API is lacking for non-PCM data! (while the Opus library is already included in every major browser. but details.)

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