Building an opinion. Change my mind. Audi drivers in the Puget Sound area are the most self-entitled.

Came here to ramble unintelligibly about how I feel so little connection with others AT ALL right now & learned my IRL friend (who I am far away from) is in a similar position.

I just want to scoop up all my friends and hug them.

I love it when the school bus driver blasts his horn at cars in the parking lot, sticks his head out the window and bellows, “GET OFF THE PHONE!” at parents (more accurately, drivers in the school parking lot) who have their heads firmly jammed up their asses during pickup time.

I opened up my window and yelled, “YEAHHHHHH!” in response.

Incidentally, I’m getting 500 server errors here too, but whatever. I don’t have time to internet today anyway.

I feel like there’s a huge missed opportunity here. Instead of posting about shouldn’t it be ? COME ON NOW.

One of my best friends was supposed to come visit this weekend. Now she has pneumonia and can’t.

I feel bad that I feel relieved - but I’m still backed up on everything in my life and I need every second I would have spent with her Friday through Sunday to get back to a reasonable level of stress (like, if I could just get rid of the eye twitch)!

Meanwhile, came home from a semi-emergency trip to Tacoma (needed things, closest source was Tacoma because THANKS A LOT, AMZN) with the express intent to nap.

I have 15 minutes before I have to get up and do the next thing and I haven’t fallen asleep yet

Realized today I’ve spent the last five months believing I’m a year older than I actually am. Unsure if related to concussion brain or if I’m just lame.

Meanwhile, the dog won’t go outside with Ruby.

Woke up husband. “Can you please get up enough to take the dog outside? I have to to $list.”
Husband: “Yeah, I heard.”

I went to go swap out a load of laundry and he’s snoring again. I hate everything. Really wish the damn dog wasn’t so bonded to the husband (that is, the dog won’t do anything FOR anyone but him).

Dug up Animal Crossing for GameCube. Ruby is playing it. She just wrote a diary entry.

“Welcome new foeck to er toun”

I... well... I WANT to correct her, but also I am so burned out I can’t see straight, so.

Husband took his car in for service - new brakes, new battery, oil change.

Now every 5 minutes the glovebox latch releases on its own, gently, into my knees. I think the fact that it is gentle may actually be MORE annoying than the alternative.

ASCII a stupid question, get a stupid ANSI.

Driving home from dinner. A STRONG smell of weed from a neighboring car enters our car.

Ruby: I SMELL A SKUNK!!!!1
Me: Suuuuuure you do. Yes, that’s EXAAAAAAACTLY what that is.

I want to find my third grade teacher and thank him for not trying to squash down my weirdness. He was pretty much the only one who didn’t. Reasonably he should still be alive (my guess is he should be around 65, 66 years old now) but he appears to have no internet presence. Which seems weird, considering he was our computer lab teacher for a while.

Why is there no real dead letter office?

Can’t warm up today. Pretty sure showing up to teach a class in my Comfy isn’t gonna go over very well.

It’s too bad adult temper tantrums are frowned upon. I could really benefit from throwing one right now.

Meanwhile, because I’ve seen it three ways now, what is the plural of emoji?
A. emoji
B. emojis
C. emojies

All I want is to go to sleep and wake up refreshed. This waking up at 1:25 and being up until 4:30 and going back to sleep and not waking up rested at 7:30 business can suck it.

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