Has anyone figured out how to make firefox work when moving between networks on OpenBSD? After moving, I seem to have to close and re-open it to make web-pages load...

@ebarrett I do not have that issue on my laptop. Weird.

I guess occasionally I had OpenBSD not pick up a new address properly but that would effect all network, not just Firefox. (even that hasn't occurred recently)

@ebarrett Are you perhaps moving from a network with IPv6 to one without?

We've got IPv6 at home now, but it's not on the wireless at RIT, and firefox was just completely unresponsive until I removed all the IPv6 addresses from iwn0. (Even then it took it a little bit before it actually got a web page).


@kurtm Hrm. I doubt it. The UK has been really bad at adopting IPv6.

@ebarrett Ah well. It was the first time I have had trouble with Firefox after changing networks.

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