Why is it that my Sony CD Walkman from the 1990s sounds a kajillion times better than my phone? Are we skimping out in DACs on modern phones?

@ebarrett CD are uncompressed wave files, I guess you listen to compressed music on your phone?
This may not be the only reason but you should try a wave song from your phone first.

@solene Yeah, but i'm not certain that's the only factor. I compress with 192kb/s vorbis. In the past I was unable to hear the difference between this and uncompressed (my ears are not that great).


@krono @solene Yeah. The trusty old Audio Technica ATH-M60x.

@ebarrett @solene Do you have a CD and a rip of that CD and can compare? I am really curious as to wether DACs are getting shitty…

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